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Engagement Platform

Enabling Recruiting Success
& Post-Hire Retention
Through Talent Engagement


We are a broad-spectrum, AI-powered CRM designed to create sustained talent engagement throughout recruiting, hiring, and employment. Our API architecture allows quick economical integration with existing ATS and other HR Systems. Further, our platform powerfully supports additional AI capabilities and Apps.

Plug & Play Features

We group features into modules, allowing the configuration of a Talent Platform that adds what is needed and connects with your in-place technology.

Job Boards

Skills & Talent Sourcing

Career Sites


Emails & Messages

Social Sharing


Post-Hire Engagement

Talent Engagement Circles

Video Interviewing

Data Collection for AI Training

Meeting Invites

Candidate Engagement

AI Matching

Diversity Affinity Groups


API -SDK Functionality

Integrated Dashboard Reports

TalentCircles Advantages

  • Modular design permits selective activation with each stage of growth.

  • Engagement with Candidates and Post-Hires resulting in significantly higher productivity and lower quit rates.

  • A highly adaptive, holistic solution for recruitment and the entire employee life cycle.

  • An exceptionally cost-effective approach to the Talent Engagement Process.

  • Collection of over 450 Data Points for Analytics and Operational development.

  • Advanced AI Matching supports the growth of System Development and Applications.


Ready to increase your AI and CRM capabilities?


We're ready to provide a rapid expansion and compatibility assessment!  


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