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Engagement Platform

Enabling Recruiting Success
& Post-Hire Retention
Through Talent Engagement


We are a broad-spectrum, AI-powered CRM designed to create sustained talent engagement throughout recruiting, hiring, and employment. Our API architecture allows quick economical integration with existing systems, and  powerfully supports additional AI capabilities .

Plug & Play Features

We group features into modules, allowing the configuration of a Talent Platform that adds what is needed and connects with your in-place technology.

Job Boards

Skills & Talent Sourcing

Career Sites


Emails & Messages

Social Sharing


Post-Hire Engagement

Talent Engagement Circles

Video Interviewing

Data Collection for AI Training

Meeting Invites

Candidate Engagement

AI Matching

Diversity Affinity Groups


API -SDK Functionality

Integrated Dashboard Reports

TalentCircles Advantages

  • Modular design permits selective activation with each stage of growth.

  • Engagement with Candidates and Post-Hires resulting in significantly higher productivity and lower quit rates.

  • A highly adaptive, holistic solution for recruitment and the entire employee life cycle.

  • An exceptionally cost-effective approach to the Talent Engagement Process.

  • Collection of over 450 Data Points for Analytics and Operational development.

  • Advanced AI Matching supports the growth of System Development and Applications.


Ready to increase your AI and CRM capabilities?


We're ready to provide a rapid expansion and compatibility assessment!  


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