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Recruiting Digital Natives: Will You Attract the Leaders of the Future with Moth-eaten Practices? That's Risky Business!

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SAN BRUNO, California - August 10th, 2015: How much do you really know about the consumer habits and expectations of the digital natives' generation? People aged between 19 an 35 represent 35 percent of the work force today according to numbers provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Meanwhile, the labor force aged 35 to 55 represents 42 percent of the employed population and people older than 55 represent 22 percent. The stakes are high.

What do you need to do to effectively attract the demographics of the future? The answer is simple: 1) take stock of the reasons why the current fundamental intergenerational "disjoint" isn't going away, and 2) realize that you need to adapt your antiquated candidate attraction processes to what digital natives expect.

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TalentCircles and SwoopTalent Announce Strategic Alliance Streamlining Talent Acquisition

SAN BRUNO, California - October 8, 2014: While organizations of all sizes are always looking for the best talent, their efficacy is often plagued by the fact that their talent acquisition process is distributed across poorly communicating products. "TalentCircles allows you to welcome, interact with and interview active and passive candidates as well as match profiles with current or future openings," says Marylene Delbourg-Delphis, CEO of TalentCircles. "Yet, your talent pool may not always offer the exact profiles you want. So you need to expand your sourcing efforts and find more candidates. The most effective way to do it is from within your candidate relationship management environment. This is what the alliance between TalentCircles and SwoopTalent exemplarily accomplishes," she adds.

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TalentCircles for the rest of us: Transforming Talent Acquisition for Businesses of Any Size

SAN BRUNO, California - October 6, 2014: TalentCircles© Inc., a Silicon Valley based HR technology company announced the launch of their long-awaited Small Business Talent Community that will offer all of the features and recruiting functions that are essential to transform recruiting and make it human again. TalentCircles will be equipping the smaller recruiting departments with the ability to source and manage talent as if they were large. The TalentCircles SMB offering will be available on October 20, 2014.

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TalentCircles Brings Candidate Engagement to Smartphones and Tablets

SAN BRUNO, California - August 21, 2014: TalentCircles Inc., whose mission is to transform recruiting, has completed yet another major accomplishment: Mobile interaction. Recently recognized by CIO Review among the Top 20 Most Promising HR Technology Solution Providers of 2014, TalentCircles is now a comprehensive interactive talent engagement platform on three fronts: desktops, smartphones and tablets.

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TalentCircles Announces Semantic Job Matching Capabilities

Semantic job matching dramatically improves Candidate and Recruiter Experience

SAN BRUNO, California - October 1, 2013: For employers, a talent network is a live reservoir of candidates. They can drastically shorten their time-to-hire by leveraging the easy graphical interface that allows them to instantly:

  1. Identify and sort matching members with a percentage match for any job opening posted on the talent network
  2. Find the jobs that fit a candidate's profile
  3. Define matching settings along several criteria (Experience, Location, Education, Job Titles, Skills, Groupings, Languages, Certifications, Management and Executive Levels)

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